Social media is about connecting with the people and brands we like. Every business is unique and requires a different social media strategy. The basic steps to success include:
Social Media Audit
A social media audit is the first step in order to determine how your business is doing. All your social profiles, website, email marketing and any other activities need to be assessed. I am offering a free social media audit for your business on this page!
Social Media Strategy
After Consultation and goal setting we develop a social media strategy that is personalized for your business. We select goals that are realistic. A good strategy often utilizes combinations of tools like targeted facebook advertising, offers/ promotions and a valuable sales funnel to capture useful leads using specialist tools.
We implement your social media strategy which unfolds daily. We measure progress day to day, while focusing on your sales, not just "likes" or "impressions". This qualitative approach allows us to know exactly how the strategy is performing and what is working most effectively.

Key Social Media Skills

Effective social media strategy involves utilizing multiple skills in the most productive way possible. Here are some of the skills I specialize in delivering for your business. Click on each tab for a more detailed explanation.

About Adept Social Media

I started Adept Social Media to provide a no nonsense social media marketing solution for businesses that delivers concrete results which can be measured. I am also training to become accredited through one of the preeminent social media experts in the world - Tai Lopez. My skills are cutting edge and always results focused. My approach to business is to be open and honest with every person I deal with, while delivering what they need, not just what I want to sell. I do not believe in restrictive contracts or locking customers into contracts that can't be cancelled or changed easily. I understand as a person who has worked in numerous businesses outside of marketing over the years that businesses care about increasing sales and not marketing jargon. My promise to you is to assess your business honestly and implement a strategy that works best for you while measuring the results for you to see for yourself.


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