Email Marketing – Using Email Lists, Autoresponders & Generating Quality Leads

Email marketing may sound like an outdated way of developing leads or sales for your business but it is in fact incredibly powerful. Many assume it to be “spammy” or as something that shouldn’t be used by most businesses but this is simply incorrect. A properly constructed email marketing campaign that is integrated with a “sales funnel” can be one of the most important tools your business can have to turn people from interested in your brand to consumers of your brand. Let’s take a look!

Why create an email list?

An email list is  most useful if we can find the people who are most likely to be interested in our product or service and who are in a position to buy. Once we find these people we have to entice them to share their email address so we can communicate with them further. We do this by providing them value straight away through a giveaway, promotion or some kind of information that they appreciate. When they share their email address we can use software to organize a simple chain of events that can vary from different email responses and offers to a free download etc. Many of these people are likely to become customers because they had the motivation to sign up. It is important to not provide poor content or be overly pushy with people, the relationship must be one that is valued by the customer.

Integrating A Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is  a means to bring people from clicking on an ad or link to ultimately buy our product. Some customers may come from signing up to our email list and be converted into customers through the use of email marketing. Others may be ready to purchase already having come from an advertisement or Facebook post. We can develop multiple sales funnels if required depending on the situation and product being marketed. An email list will be a key part of any sales funnel. It is incredibly cost effective compared to advertising alone and we can constantly market to a highly motivated group.

How To Get Motivated People To Sign Up?

We need to get the most interested people to see our ad or social media post rather than wasting money trying to market to people who will not be interested in our product/ service. We do this through understanding our audience and targeting them effectively. Social media, especially Facebook provides multiple ways of doing this through location, age, gender, interests and even allows us to create lists of people that share similar interests to our existing audience.


Adept Social Media can create beautiful, effective campaigns that are targeted to be high conversion for your business. We can design and deliver an email marketing campaign which will generate new leads for your business constantly. This is the beauty of email marketing, we have a list of high value leads that grows and develops rather than having to market to new people constantly. Sometimes people need to get to know your brand before they are ready to commit to purchasing, email marketing provides a vital way of converting these people who otherwise may be lost into customers.