Content & Search Engine Optimization – Getting More Traffic & Creating Engaging Content

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of making your website rank higher in the search engines such as Google or Bing. There are many tools and techniques to do this and we will highlight some below. Creating engaging content that appeals to your market niche is vital, as is communicating with your audience through your website and social media platforms.

How Websites Are Ranked

Websites are crawled by “spiders” which analyze the content and measure where you rank for various criteria using an algorithm. There are two main approaches, both of which must be utilized in order to be most effective. On page optimization is carried out on the site itself and involves the text and keywords contained on every element on the site along with other things. Off page optimization utilizes techniques such as building links to your site, social media usage and back links to your site.

In the early days of the internet, search engines only ranked pages on their content and keywords. That all ended with the advent of social media and increasing sophistication in search engine algorithms. This means we need a complete strategy which uses numerous elements to be successful.


SEO techniques

SEO takes time and has to be worked on from many aspects. SEO shouldn’t be the only focus of an effective marketing strategy but it does help build our relevance and the amount of people who get to see our business.

Market Research & Keywords

Keyword research needs to be carried out in order to understand how to best reach people searching for our product or service. This is the first step, with many tools available to help us but the most important thing is to understand your businesses niche. A consultation can help get a good handle on your market and competitors which leads to the keywords which are most effective to target.

Social Media

Social media is a great way of improving where your websites ranks in search engines. By linking your social media accounts to your website and building up those platforms your site will grow correspondingly. Others will also visit your site and create links to it over time. This is another great reason to be using social media  for promotion and gaining an audience for your business.

Back links and Redirects

One way links from other sites to yours were once one of the only ways to build our sites rank. Today they are important but less so than before. Attempting to use underhanded methods to obtain backlinks would be disastrous for your sites rank. Thankfully there are ways to get links organically without resorting to such measures!

It is also possible for some websites to benefit from redirecting an existing domain to your site. When we have a domain that has been in use for a while, we benefit from its past history of being linked to and crawled by the search engine. Not every business has this benefit but some businesses already own domains or purchase domains which have had traffic beforehand which can be utilized if your site is changing it’s domain to something else. We can point these domains to our website and benefit from their “link juice” for our own site.

There are a lot of advanced techniques and strategies to improve SEO for your site. Adept Social Media can guide you through things and help build your sites authority online.

Quality Content

Understanding how to create quality content that actually engages your audience is the key to success with social media and online marketing. Here are some basic guidelines for content that we recommend for businesses:

  • Find trends that are just starting on social media and use them in a social media post for your business. This often results in a boost for your reach and engagement as people search for content that is related to the trending content.
  • Don’t be too controversial and avoid politics or objectionable content etc. It usually alienates a lot of people and just isn’t a good look for a business social media account.
  • Engage with people who share or contact you openly and honestly. This is absolutely vital for social media success.
  • Ask yourself “is this helping my audience”. Providing value should be your top priority, it builds rapport and creates goodwill which always comes back in some way.
  • Post regularly on most social media, don’t overdo it and “tire” out your audience. Twitter is an exception, people can rarely overdo it on this platform.

Adept Social Media can produce high value content for your business and show you how to connect with your audience through social media. Combining all of this with effective social media marketing ad campaigns and promotions etc in a social media strategy really pays off quickly. Let us get your business to a higher level today.