Facebook Marketing – Advertising, Fan Pages, Promotions & More

Facebook is the most important tool in a businesses marketing cannon. If you aren’t using this tool to market your business and drive sales then you are truly missing out. As with all social media,  Facebook is a vital part of getting eyes on your business but it is Facebook’s popularity and their advanced targeting features that make it so valuable. Facebook is also a fantastic tool to drive a sales funnel for your business. Let’s take a look at some of the features that Facebook gives us which you likely aren’t using to their full potential right now.

Facebook Fan Pages

Every business needs a Facebook fan page to market their business. Facebook has a massive number of visitors daily and most of these people spend time following the pages of businesses they like. Facebook has provided multiple tools to help us get our business pages in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in them. It is free to set up a Facebook fan page and with a small additional spend it is possible to have your page grow rapidly through the use of offers or ads as well as simply creating and posting highly shareable content that drives engagement. Adept Social Media can jump start your fan page and connect with the right people who have a high probability of becoming customers.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is incredibly powerful if used correctly. Many people do not understand how to use the ads and can spend too much in order to get low quality leads. Facebooks’s targeting and audience analytics offer the most specific breakdown of who to target with ads and even what types of people are likely to be a customer of your business! Adept Social Media specializes in getting the lowest cost conversion for your business and our extensive skill in targeting specific geographic areas and age/ gender demographics dramatically reduce the cost of an ad campaign.

Facebook Offers/ Promotions

The use of well thought out promotions and offers marketed through the use of an ad campaign is one of the most effective strategies that most businesses can utilize in order to get people into your sales funnel or into your shop. A well run campaign will pay off handsomely compared to relying on organic traffic. The reason for this is that Facebook dramatically reduces the amount of your audience who view your posts. This is to ensure you pay for advertising but just means that we have to use advertising effectively. Adept social Media can create highly effective offer campaigns that convert handsomely using our extensive knowledge of what actually works .

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