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Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform with millions of people viewing and sharing content everyday but many businesses miss out on the leads and potential customers available because they don’t want to make any investment in it or don’t know how to use it effectively.

This is a shame but completely understandable when we consider the amount of work businesses have to do outside of social media. Many businesses create a page on Facebook but never invest the time and potentially a little money to multiply the value it can create.

Facebook advertising has multiple advantages over traditional advertising so let’s see why it is important to make a little investment and how a typical small business might use it.

A little investment goes a LONG way

Outside of engaging with customers and building your following, a very small advertising budget can be utilized to get more eyeballs on your business. Posts from your Facebook page are often not shown in the news feed of your followers because Facebook wants posts to be more organic and not just advertisements.

This is unfortunate for businesses but a small advertising budget used whenever a business wants to drive sales, pick up new followers or get people to your website etc. can work wonders, particularly if we know how to maximize the value and target the right people.

How a local restaurant can generate business with a Facebook Ad

Let’s imagine a restaurant wants to do something about a slow business day where they aren’t achieving a satisfactory turnover.

As their social media adviser I might recommend a maximum ad spend of fifty euros though we may not even have to spend this due to effective planning, professional graphics/ photography and a highly targeted audience that is likely to become customers.

If it is a newer business that hasn’t done much social media marketing previously then we can use a simple split test with two different offers or advertisements to see what gets the most engagement.

We create a great offer for the customers with a beautiful ad and then construct an audience based on location, age, and even where people work along with much more. This level of targeting allows us to really maximize the value and keep the cost of our ad spend to a minimum.

Furthermore we can actually measure the success of the ad or offer with hard data in the backend of facebook. Information like cost per click, impression and more allow us to tweak a campaign as it is running or stop it altogether if it underperforming or if it achieves it’s objective.

This means that you are absolutely sure where your money has gone and the value it has created for your business. Unlike traditional advertising which is often prohibitively expensive and difficult to measure, a Facebook ad can be as inexpensive and targeted as we require.

Getting the most from an ad campaign

Investing in targeted Facebook advertising as part of a social media strategy is an incredible way of finding new customers and sales leads for your business. Depending on your business type this can be done in many ways. Once we find potential customers we have a high value lead that can potentially become repeat business.

If a restaurant gains five new repeat customers from a single ad campaign that cost less than 50 euros then that campaign will be a small investment relative to the returns over time.

Take action NOW!

This article has laid out the principles and realistic expectations for a local business using a highly targeted low cost ad campaign to target likely customers with a simple offer to attract new business. There are many ways of using similar campaigns and each has particular advantages.

I specialize at delivering these types of campaigns for businesses and would love to hear from you. Contact me or sign up here for a free social media audit which will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses on social media.


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