Social Media Marketing – For Businesses – Google, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & More

Social media has many different platforms and depending on your business and clientele it will require a specific strategy to deliver optimal results. Facebook is very powerful but which other social media should a business be using and how?

There are many social media platforms which are just too numerous to mention here. Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more all have unique qualities. Their use is dependent on a businesses requirements but absolutely worth using to get exposure and drive interest in your business. Pinterest is hugely popular for retailers while Shapchat is hugely popular with young people who love the format. LinkedIn is great for business networking and has multiple useful features that other platforms lack.

This is a brief rundown of some of the things that social media can do for your business and how the most prominent platforms generally work. Adept Social Media can advise and direct you on which platforms to focus on and how best to use them. We measure and make targeted choices that allow you to generate quality leads for your businesses that convert into customer. For example we can also create sales funnels that capture email lists of highly motivated potential customers.

Google + & Other Google Tools

It is important for every business to maintain a google plus profile, primarily because it is often the first point of contact that a prospective customer has with your business. Google is keen to promote it’s social media platform and it helps organic page rank as well as offering an opportunity to share quality images and other info about our businesses for customers.

Vital for most high street businesses is ensuring that your business listing is accurate with map information, opening hours etc. This is vital for ensuring people find your business easily and also helps your page ranking in search.

Google ads can be a great tool for promoting a business when used correctly as part of a keyword strategy that is well thought out and optimized for your niche. Adept Social Media can use all of these tools as part of a strategy for your business.


Twitter is often seen as a less important form of social media for businesses and it is true that it doesn’t have some of the advantages of other platforms but it does serve as a great testing ground for content ideas and there is no danger of tiring your audience out through too much posting. One newer trend is the use of Twitter as a customer service tool for your business to assist customers and give guidance.


Instagram represents a fantastic opportunity for many business types, especially retailers and restaurants. The all visual feel of Instagram plays perfectly to businesses who invest time to post great photography to their profiles and interact with customers who often post their own images to their accounts. As with most social media, the correct use of hashtags is very useful, as well as measuring your analytics. A sales funnel to capture sales leads can also be created through Instagram and Adept Social Media can assist in this regard as well.


As a video sharing platform Youtube is intimidating for many businesses, however there are many ways it is useful. Being a google product and incredibly popular, it ranks well for SEO but it also allows businesses to host video content for free and link to it from their own websites which is normally very expensive. It offers a great way to promote your business through your channel from where you can display your business, answer common questions and generally build rapport with potential clients. Some companies even go viral using more edgy or funny content. Video is also hosted in various ways on Istagram, Facebook and more while it is now a vital part of most social media strategies and growing rapidly in popularity.


Adept Social Media can build a social media strategy using these platforms and more based on your businesses unique situation and goals.